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Rattle PDF Sewing Patterns



The Foxy Rattle and Lovey Bunny Rattle are both fun PDF sewing patterns that, when completed, make perfect heirloom quality toys for someone special! Show off your hand sewing and applique skills to make a cherished gift that will last a life time.

Choose one rattle pattern from the drop down menu or pick up both at the same time to save $2!

When you purchase the pattern an email will automatically be sent to you containing information on how to download your pattern. Only open the file on a computer where you can save the file. You are only allowed to download the pattern 3 times before it expires and every single time you open the link on your smartphone or other device it counts as a download!

Once you have downloaded and saved the file, simply print out the file (preferably in color) at the exact size and with no scaling, cut out the full size pattern, and get sewing!

Both patterns are filled with clear and colorful illustrations of nearly every step with full size patterns that require no enlargement.

Size of Pattern:

Foxy Rattle: 6 pages

Lovey Bunny Rattle: 5 pages

System Requirements: latest version of Adobe Reader software (available free at www.adobe.com/products/reader)

Skill Level: Intermediate (basic sewing techniques and control required, (ie: satin and back stitch hand sewing techniques, applique, etc)

Approximate Project Duration: 1-2 hours

Finished Size: 6 1/2" tall

**Materials Required**


12”x12” main fabric
8”x8” contrast fabric
7”x7” paper backed iron on adhesive
rattle insert
Embroidery floss
Fiber fill


9”x13” main fabric
3”x5” contrast fabric
3”x5” paper backed iron on adhesive
mini rattle insert
Embroidery floss
Fiber fill

**Tools Required**
Sewing machine
Small craft knife and cutting mat
Fabric marking pen
Hand sewing needle

©Lucy Blaire 2016 This sewing pattern is for PERSONAL USE ONLY. Please DO NOT use the pattern to create products for sale or distribute the templates and instructions in any way.